Honor Roll

Honor Roll is a great accomplishment. Not everyone gets the opportunity to receive the certificate that says you got at least a 3.5 GPA. Those who get this achievement should be very proud and you should continue to be great. For some people, Honor Roll comes easily; but for others it doesn’t. In sixth grade, almost everyone got Honor roll. But as you move up in the school it gets harder to get on Honor Roll. Teachers get more strict, curriculum gets harder, and staying organized and focused gets more difficult. If you wish to get Honor Roll, follow these simple steps…

1) Make a schedule and plan out your week. This will help you manage your time and keep from stressing.

2) Do your homework. this will become a habit that will be very helpful in High School and College and even later in life when you get a job.

3)  Keep a positive attitude. When you have a great attitude towards something, you will not only enjoy it more, but you will do even better on it.

Following these 3 simple steps will help you reach any goal you have in life, not just your middle school Honor Roll.