How do you think of family? What makes a family? You  may just think that family are the people that you are related to and in some ways your right. Though family is not just the people who you see every day or the people you travel across the country to see. Family also includes friends. Friends are family because they don’t have to be but, they still stick with you through thick and thin and never give up on you. Friends are the people you tell secrets to and never have to worry about other people finding out. Friends can even be the people that keep you together in your weakest moment whether because of family issues or just that your having a bad day. Friends are also the people you have the best memories with. The people you can always count on for a good laugh. Friends are the people that you can always count on, they are the people you need more than ever. So remember don’t loose a friend over something like a fight because friends are like you family.

Be Positive

Everyone has a bad day; one of those days that nothing goes the way you want it to. Your friends aren’t agreeing with you; you lose your sports game; you lose your phone. All of these things are causes of a bad mood and an irritable personality. When this happens, you tend to take it out on other people. Being negative can be the cause of many problems for you as well as your friends and family; so be positive and optimistic about everything you do. You make more friends that way. It’s a lot better to be around a fun, positive person rather then a gloomy, negative person. Besides, being a pessimist can drain a lot of your energy. All that gloominess can make you exhausted. After all, it does take more muscles in your face to frown than to smile! So, think of the bright side of every situation instead of the negative one. There are both positive and negative parts of all situations, but only you get to choose which ones you will focus on. Focusing on the positive can put you and everyone around you in a good mood, while focusing on the negative can just make you feel worse. Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Don’t worry yourself with the negative things. So, learn to be an optimist about whatever happens and always be positive! After all, you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

We are all here for a limited period of time, is it worth it to spend any of that time being a pessimist?