Do you have a goal? If so, what is it? Goals start with dreams. So how do you turn your dream into reality. You start by making short term goals to get to your long term goal. What’s a short term goal? A short term goal is a goal that you can achieve in a small amount of time, like a week or month.  Say your long term goal is to go to college. Think about short term goals that can help you achieve going to college. One of your goals may be to get straight A’s or getting more involved. Your long term goal could also be to be a professional athlete. Short term goals for that long term goal could be practicing sports every night. Whatever your goal is come up with short term goals to succeed.

Accomplish Dreams

Life is about working to accomplish your dreams.  The point is talent only goes so far, to succeed requires hard work as well.  Russel Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, has been told all his life that he would never succeed in football, that he would never start,and that he’d be a failure. However, he proved them wrong; he is now the star of the Seattle Seahawks and a Super Bowl Champion! If you quit your dreams they won’t ever come true and you won’t experience what it’s like to live your dream. So, don’t let people stop you from your achieving your dreams Like Russel Wilson, you should rise above the others that say you cant make it and strive to be your best. Be similar to Russel Wilson; accomplish your dreams, and don’t let negatives pull you down.  If you don’t start now you won’t know what its like to be an engineer, pro athlete, hair stylist, or what ever you want to be.

Never Give Up

Wouldn’t you like to be known for doing something? Whether it changes the world or it changes somebody’s life. Not everything in the world is going to be easy; so, when there are those difficult moments don’t give up, think of this quote,  “Remember that guy who gave up? Neither does anybody else.” – Unknown. Wouldn’t it be nice to come back to your middle school/high school reunion 30 years from now and everybody will know/remember you because of something you have done. Most of us know about Walt Disney and his productions, believe it or not but Disney didn’t become known by his first idea, in fact he was shut down twice in his career. Before Disney started earning billions of dollars from merchandise, movies, and theme parks all around the world he was fired by a newspaper editor. The editor said, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Eventually, Disney started many businesses but they didn’t last long and ended with bankruptcy and failure. After being shut down twice that didn’t stop him. Disney kept plugging along and ended with success as the director of Walt Disney Productions. If Disney gave up after his failures, then we wouldn’t have the childhood memories we have. Walt Disney has taught us to never give up because you never know what is in your future. So, that one math or reading problem that you can’t figure out or just don’t want to do could affect your future. Don’t give up, ask questions if you need to, just know something great is just around the corner.

A Fresh Start

Woo Hoo, 2014 has finally arrived! This is the start of a new beginning for each and every one of us! Whether it is forgetting you’re not so good GPA last semester or leaving your old friends behind and finding new ones, everyone seems eager to let go of the past and move forwards.  In order to move on and get a head start on the new year, some people create new years resolutions! This is one thing that can help all of us. The new year is a chance for us to better ourselves, and improve on our skills. So, by making and following our new years resolutions it will keep us on track and help create the new and approved you! So, whatever new beginning you choose,  work on not only bettering yourself, but letting go of your past and enjoying the new year!


Self-Confidence would have to be the most important thing to have in yourself. If you never believe in yourself you will never really be able to achieve much in your lifetime. For a personal example, during baseball try-outs I didn’t do so well because I didn’t have any self-confidence. In academics, self-confidence is a key point in doing well. Self confidence is important in any field, for instance; in music, if you don’t have  any self-confidence you might get stage fright or not be able to perform the one solo that you always wanted. It’s the same with anything else in your life, just have a little self-confidence and you can do anything. So, for now on, always have confidence in yourself. You will be amazed at the differences that it will make.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll is a great accomplishment. Not everyone gets the opportunity to receive the certificate that says you got at least a 3.5 GPA. Those who get this achievement should be very proud and you should continue to be great. For some people, Honor Roll comes easily; but for others it doesn’t. In sixth grade, almost everyone got Honor roll. But as you move up in the school it gets harder to get on Honor Roll. Teachers get more strict, curriculum gets harder, and staying organized and focused gets more difficult. If you wish to get Honor Roll, follow these simple steps…

1) Make a schedule and plan out your week. This will help you manage your time and keep from stressing.

2) Do your homework. this will become a habit that will be very helpful in High School and College and even later in life when you get a job.

3)  Keep a positive attitude. When you have a great attitude towards something, you will not only enjoy it more, but you will do even better on it.

Following these 3 simple steps will help you reach any goal you have in life, not just your middle school Honor Roll.