School Activities

Here at Sagewood there are so many school activities to join and by joining them you are more interactive with your school. For example, maybe you have a best friend in a different grade and you have no classes with them. If you join a school sport or after school club, you and your friend can spend more time together.  By joining these activities at Sagewood we become a closer school and wildcat family. So, if you have a lot of time on your hands, or you just want to have fun, think about joining basketball, volleyball, track, and/or the big variety of sports at our school. If sports isn’t your thing, then audition for a play, join Wings ‘n’ Things and/or the other activities going on all year. Keep an eye out for the announcement on when to sign up or go to the counseling office. No matter what you do or join, you will make many friends. So don’t be afraid to join something new!

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