Being Successful in Highschool

High school is a very important part of your life. How you perform in high school can determine your future. Having good grades in high school can get you into a good college, and going to a good college can get you a good job and change your life. But how will you get those good grades in high school that you want? There are a few characteristics you will either need or have to develop to be successful in high school. If you set a goal for yourself to get a 3.5 GPA you will most likely achieve the goal if you are determined and organized. Determination is key in getting good grades because if you are determined to get a 3.5 GPA you will work as hard as you can to reach your goal. You will also need to be organized so you don’t lose homework or forget that you even had homework. Turning in all your homework on time can greatly help your grade rise. High school is a big part of your life, make sure you don’t take it for granted.

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