Testing the Year

It’s finally the fourth quarter! Everybody’s ready for summer now that spring break is over and we’re getting ready for the closing days of May. It’s time to finish out the year strong with our grades. After that, here comes summer and time for relaxing, hanging with friends, or playing sports! Everyone’s ready to finish out the year with ease, right?

Wrong! We all have another round of MAPs testing to go through before we end another year in middle school. Instead of thinking about what to do over our last weekends, we have to focus on the testing that switches up our schedule and drives us up the wall! MAPs (Measures of Academic Progress) needs us to do our best and will help us be placed in our classes for high school and helps decides classes for next year!

Many people panic when the word ‘test’ comes up. It means an hour or more of hard problems and headaches to deal with. What can you do to relax in a stressful situation like the tests that we’re in the middle in already? Here’s some tips to help you deal with the middle of the test:

-Get enough sleep for the impending tests: Resist the urge to stay up until eleven playing Modern Warfare 3! Even though shooting down bandits in Red Dead Redemption, dragons in Skyrim, or the assorted undead in Call of Duty may seem all fun and games for then, until you wake up feeling tired, take you test and get a 201 on your MAPs test!

-When you’re testing, pace yourself: Take your time going through each of the questions! It will pay off to take time to answer the questions. Although you can’t skip past the hard questions and come back to them later in the M.A.Ps testing, read each question carefully but be wary of your time limit.

-Do your best: If you go into the computer lab with a bad attitude, a bad score is what you’ll get! Go in there with getting your best score in mind and be ready for what ever the test throws at you!

With these helpful tips in mind, keep you eyes open and watch for key words like ‘not’ and ‘do’! These will mean the difference between going into next year with a good set of classes you’re happy with, or a bad set that you’ll regret having for the rest of your next year! Always remember to do your best and you’ll get as good a score as your attitude!

Spirit Week!

Next week (April 8th – April 12th) is SPIRIT WEEK! Spirit Week is practically a tradition here at Sagewood Middle School! You do not have to participate, but it is sure to be a lot of fun if you do.  Every year we plan different ways that we, as students, can keep in touch with our school community! So let’s get ready to show our best Wildcat school spirit!

These are the events that we have planned for Spirit Week.

Monday: Hat Day

Got a cold head? A great solution might be to wear a hat; and what better opportunity than Hat Day?

Tuesday: Twin Tuesday!

Pick a friend and be a twin! Let’s see how many people we can trip up with this! Have fun and go all out! Haven’t you ever wanted a second you? Now’s your chance!!

Wednesday: School Spirit

School spirit has never been so in! Wear anything Sagewood you own. Weather it’s a shirt, or sweatpants, or maybe a sweatshirt, show it off!

Thursday: Tie-Dye

Release your inner hippie! Wear anything tie-dye that you have at home and show it off at school!

Friday:  College  gear day!

To promote a higher education, wear your favorite college gear! After school you can go to Cold Stone Ice Cream, Qdoba, or Carls Jr. and show off your college spirit for free ice cream, burritos, or fries! The ADT class with the most college spirit wins a special, secret, reward!